Monthly Archives: March 2022

The Importance of Teaching Children about Sustainability

Teaching our children about sustainability enables them to respect and appreciate their natural environment. At Energy Kidz, we pride ourselves in preparing our children for a world that is yet to be imagined and it’s important to us that we teach the children within our care to look after that world. By educating children about… Read more »

The Science of Play

As we celebrate British Science Week and get fully immersed in the WHIZZ, POP & BANG of all our fun-packed activities which we’ve lined up, we took a moment to think about the science of play. All too often the value of play is overlooked and some don’t recognise how fundamental it is to our… Read more »

Starting the Conversation: Gender Equality

The early years of a child’s life are imperative to learning and development. These are the years that children develop their fine, motor, gross and cognitive skills, but it’s also where they develop their identity: who they are, what they believe in and the morals they live by. These are all shaped by the environment… Read more »