Parent Information

Our Objective

At Energy Kidz we welcome all children and pride ourselves on providing a safe and stimulating environment for the children attending our clubs.

We achieve this by:

  • having dedicated staff who ensure the needs of all children who attend the breakfast and after school club are met
  • providing the children with a healthy breakfast before school and healthy snacks after school.
  • our staff act as role models and interact with the children to help them develop mentally, physically and creatively
  • ensuring parents are involved as much as possible in the club through consultation
  • ensuring that as a club we strive to meet best practice benchmarks through staff training and continuous professional development
  • working to our policies and procedures and ensuring that they are reviewed annually
  • recruiting staff using safer recruitment practices

Typical Opening Hours

  • Breakfast Club: 7.30am until school begins
  • After School Club: school end until normally 6pm.

Most clubs run five days a week during term time. Please check with your club for specific details.

Each club has site contact number for you to call in an emergency or if you are running late. Please be aware any lateness past the advertised closing time will be chargeable at £8 per fifteen minutes or part thereof. This is to cover staff and other costs.


At Energy Kidz we believe play is essential to each aspect of a child’s development. In our clubs, children have the opportunity to interact with children of different ages, thereby strengthening their social confidence. Staff provide a child led environment, allowing the children to make choices from the varied activities on offer which are supervised at all times: team games, arts and craft sessions and organised outdoor/indoor sports. Staff plan activities ahead of time using the children’s input and by being led by their interests but with the flexibility to adapt when necessary. We also ensure that we incorporate celebrations, events and festivals to develop their understanding of the world.

Children who are new to Energy Kidz

When children first join the Breakfast/After School clubs there is a period of induction. During this period a member of staff will outline the club’s rules and routines. Another child will usually be allocated to act as the new child’s buddy for the first few sessions.  Each child will also be given the opportunity to complete an ‘All About Me’ form which will help the staff get to know your child and cater activities around their likes and dislikes.

Reception children

As Ofsted registered, Energy Kidz follow the Early Year’s Foundation Stage framework. This allows us to continue the learning and development of your child whilst they are in our care, through the activities and resources we provide, supporting your child to build in confidence, gain skills and acquire knowledge.

Each EYFS child will have a personal book which will document any activities or events they have enjoyed. We do not formally record observations for children as this is not a requirement of out of school care. Children are encouraged to have a say in what goes in their book allowing them to add in drawings, writing or pictures. Parents are more than welcome to view their child’s book at any time. This will also serve as a memento of your child’s time with us.

When children first attend, they may be tired after a long day at school and this is accommodated within each club. There is always an area where children can have quiet time and relax or sleep if necessary and it is quite normal for this to happen in the first few weeks.


The safety and welfare of our children is of paramount importance to Energy Kidz. All venues are risk assessed by staff on a daily basis and staff are trained to identify any hazards.

Our staff can be identified by their red or black tops that are clearly marked with the company’s name and logo. Staff also wear photographic ID badges.  Staff will be aware of each child’s location, whether they are playing outside or relaxing inside by using walkie talkies to communicate and by conducting regular head counts.

At After School Club, Key Stage 1 children are generally collected by a member of staff and walked to the club location. Key Stage 2 children make their way to where they will then be signed into the club.  To enable us to quickly identify the children in our care they wear a high-vis vest whenever they are outside.

When your child is collected at the end of a session you will be greeted by a member of staff who will identify you from the list of collectors you have provided on your child’s details. Any collector not known to the staff will be asked to provide photo ID. Please note if a person arrives to collect a child and they are not on the list we will be unable to allow the child to leave without speaking to the person who made the booking. This is to ensure we only ever let children leave with an approved person.


Before a child can attend an Energy Kidz club the parent/carer must have completed their online registration and child details. If your child requires specific medical or dietary needs we ask for as much detail to be added to your child details as possible to ensure we provide the right care for your child. If their needs are more complex, it is advised that you call Customer Care to discuss. For any medication or condition, a Health Care Plan must be completed prior to your children attending.

If you require a member of staff to assist your child in taking prescribed medication, you must complete the relevant form and also inform the manager prior to the medication being administered. We would also ask that you keep your child details up-to-date by noting any regular medicines, allergies or medical conditions accurately on the form and on our online system. We also require that all medication is clearly labelled with the child’s name and date of expiry. Please be aware, children will be unable to attend the club if we are not provided with the correct medication and/or relevant paperwork.

Breakfast Club – if you would like your child to have some breakfast, please make sure they arrive before 8.30 am.

After School Club – whilst club staff ensure children are kept hydrated and prepared for weather we are unable to provide sun cream or wet weather clothing for the children, you may wish to have these items brought in your child’s bag.


All staff receive appropriate training, such as Safeguarding, Prevent, Paediatric 1st Aid and Food Safety along with Energy Kidz specific training. All Energy Kidz staff work to current and appropriate job descriptions and have been appointed ensuring that they all possess the relevant qualifications. Following a rigorous interview process, all those selected will undergo an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

First Aid

We encourage all our staff to gain a Paediatric First Aid certificate and at a minimum there will always be a staff member present who has undertaken appropriate First Aid Training including epi-pen use. There is a very well stocked first aid box available to all staff.

In addition, all staff have received appropriate training on how to deal with and record accidents and emergencies. If your child has had an accident whilst at Energy Kidz, it will be recorded on an Injury Report form and you will be asked to sign the form as the child’s parent/carer.