Payment Options


Card Payments

One Off Payment

You can choose to pay the full amount at time of booking using a debit or credit card by following the instructions given by the system.


If your booking is over a period of two months or more, you will have an option to pay by card installments. There will be an initial payment for each activity booked at time of booking. You will be presented with a schedule of payments and you can change the payment day using the dropdown. This may recalculate the payments so please check. Payments will then be scheduled to automatically come from your card on the days stated.

Missed Payments, Failed Installments or Late Bookings

In order to make a payment via your online account, please go to:

  • My Bookings
  • Tick the small box on the right, next to the booking
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click Pay

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for your activities. If paying for a period of time, please enter the full amount you will be paying across the whole booking. If there is a shortfall in the balance,  you can pay any additional amount by a one off card payment or card instalments if applicable.

Voucher ProviderUnique Reference Number (URN)Website
Allsave Please register via
Busy Bees*
Care 4See Below
Childcare Plus*
Childcare Voucher Solutions *
EdenredSee Below
Fair Care EKID0202
FidelitiSee Below Table
Kiddivouchers *
Kids Unlimited
The Salary Exchange *

* If there is no URN, please use the setting Ofsted number found on our website, head office postcode (RG41 2FD) or the clubs postcode. If this search doesn’t work, please contact Energy Kidz head office on 0333 577 1533.

Name of ClubCare 4
Alderton Infant & Junior Schools40241071P21203636ALD021C
Alban Wood Primary School34786317P21240951ALB019C
All Saints CE Primary School (Maidenhead)
All Saints CE Primary School
Ark Burlington Danes Primary Academy57007623P21170538ENE056C
Avonwood Primary School02243846P21203885AVO013C
Banister Primary School04508560P21157553ENE049C
Barnsole Primary School15077386P21203925BAR262C
Bassett Green Primary School65047642
Bearwood Primary School60364513P21203933BEA094C
Bevington Primary School12674468P21204056BEV384C
Bickley Primary School57082868P21204072BIC013C
Bishop Sutton Primary School83771333P21247081BIS059C
Brentside Primary Academy12760857TBCTBC
Brill C of E School
Boxgrove Primary School17087852P21157561BOX007C
Brook Field Primary School20487107P21235118BRO234C
Castle Hill School Rooksdown Campus
09695707 P21070698ENE034C
Charvil Primary School
Chichester Free SchoolTBCP21205244CHI359C
Cookham Rise Primary School
18244233 P20971856COO057C
Edgebury Primary School65864324P21245232EDG018C
Elstow SchoolTBCP21225293ELS017C
Evendons Primary School
Floreat Montague Park Primary School81500463P21251496FLO030C
Forge Wood Primary School67833440P21227977FOR086C
GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy81704188P21070870ENE043C
George Mitchell Primary SchoolTBCTBCTBC
Goring Primary School
Hawkes Farm Academy56210115P21235126 HAW030C
Hawthorns Primary School78998168P20832924ENE012C
Hayes Park School35206453P21157190ENE051C
Hemdean House School30588385
Henry Hinde Junior School72560086P21205236HEN031C
Highover JMI School & Nursery66765348
Hilltop First School
Holy Trinity CE Primary School67054854P21205228HOL388C
Invicta Primary School (Blackheath)16201427P21251461 INVO07C
Invicta Primary School (Deptford)83874607P21251470INVO08C
Iver Heath Junior School64203710P21228199IVE008C
John Hampden Primary School60342357P21157537JOH046C
Katesgrove Primary School70045876P21205210KAT457C
Keep Hatch Primary School
36282246 P20832916ENE014C
Kings Court First School35228284
King William Street Primary School04848335P21246819KIN297C
La Fontaine Academy43405035P21227993LAF005C
Lamb’s Lane Primary School
Leehurst Swan School4380872
Lordship Lane Primary School27717564P21266303ENE067C
Lyndhurst Primary School11856053P21236092ENE063C
Marnel Junior School21608387P21255448MAR889C
Meadow Vale Primary School
Micklands Primary School10416036
Mile Oak Primary School68005407P21228022MIL126C
Monks Risborough CE Primary School48453685P21245241MON175C
Mora Primary School84717427P21266298ENE066C
Nonsuch Primary School58816773P21205196NON0065C
Norbury School36254736
Oakley Infant School47504180P21241909OAK142C
Orleans Primary School42287881P21176355ORL006C
Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School70051840P21157205ENE054C
Pembury Primary School50052843P21275131PEM007C
Peter Gladwin Primary School20816706P21205170PET060C
Plumcroft Primary School57358482TBCTBC
Portway Infant School67802057P21255373POR039C
Preston Park Primary School37745777
Ravenstone Primary School75810720P21157213ENE054C
Reach Academy32168428P21225309REA031C
Reedings Junior School
Riverview C of E Primary SchoolTBCTBCTBC
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School35023673P21286486SAC031C
Sandridge School14020652P21228057SAN223C
Sancton Wood School54663886P21181651SAN218C
Sheringdale Primary School74016543
Shinfield Infant & Junior Schools52653400P20617532ENE013C
Southern Road Primary SchoolTBCTBCTBC
Southwark Park Primary School26026676P21242410SOU114C
Springbank Primary Academy8176273P21181669SPR087C
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School33554383P21160828STA415C
St Bartholomews33123810P21266303ENE069C
St Crispin's Leisure Centre14320240P21204725STC069C
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School8461566P21204693STE372C
St Finians Catholic Primary School
St John's CE Primary School85823117P21181642ENE058C
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
(Covent Garden)
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
St Luke's Primary School50587446P21070655ENE037C
St Mary’s C of E School
St Mary's Independent School60216177P21204155STM311C
St Michael's C of E Primary School (Highgate)12126213P21157281 ENE038C
St Nicolas' CE Primary School
66373100P21156753 ENE050C
St Nicolas' C of E Infant School
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School60661484P21246835 STP155C
St Paul's CE Junior & Walter Infant School03848702P20617532ENE001C
St Stephen's CE Primary School75722787P21204121STS033C
St Werburgh's Primary School42465803
Templewood School83531073P21111665EK 001C
The Coombes CE Primary School64344403
The Crescent Primary School11152623P21157248ENE018C
The Gatwick School75555850P21248823THE1000
The Grange Community Infant School64481266P21241925ENE064C
The Heights Primary School
The Hill Primary School
The Orchard Primary School22445312P21247049THE1000
The Pines School34438626P21176893THE1000
The Wroxham School22664741P21242262WRO004C
Tithe Barn Primary School10560273P21242444TIT006C
Trinity Church Primary School28563474P21286197TRI104C
Tudor Primary School70870758P21247105TUD014C
Tunbury Primary School80256067P21241917TUN009C
Twyford St Mary's Primary School26254034P21204099TWY009C
Uplands Primary School46781293P21070811ENE039C
Waterfield Primary School24873054P21242401WAT043C
West Green Primary SchoolTBCTBCTBC
Wheatfield Primary School
25428780 P21012713ENE040C
Whiteheath Infant & Nursery School57093399P21071281ENE044C
Wildmoor Heath School
William Fletcher Primary School60807357P21157264EK 005C
Willow Bank Junior School
Windermere Primary School72644670
Windmill Primary School57684843P21157272 WIN132C
Windrush Primary School
Winnersh Primary School
Wyke Primary School41393486P20977143ENE033C

If your setting name isn’t included above or a reference code is not included for the voucher company you require, please contact Energy Kidz via [email protected]

Tax Free Childcare

Before you pay for the first time using Tax Free Childcare, please email [email protected] with your reference number so we can link the payments to your account.

Setting nameID Number
Alderton Infant & Junior SchoolsTBC
Alban Wood Primary SchoolTBC
All Saints CE Primary School (Wokingham) EY479946
All Saints CE Primary School (Maidenhead)EY499534
Ark Burlington Danes Primary AcademyTBC
Avonwood Primary SchoolTBC
Banister Primary SchoolEY549416
Barnsole Primary SchoolTBC
Bassett Green Primary SchoolEY554698
Bearwood Primary SchoolTBC
Bevington Primary SchoolTBC
Bickley Primary SchoolTBC
Brentside Primary AcademyTBC
Brill C of E SchoolEY487587
Boxgrove Primary SchoolTBC
Castle Hill School Rooksdown CampusEY538092
Charvil Primary SchoolEY479908
Chicester Free SchoolEY559954
Cookham Rise Primary SchoolEY479909
Edgebury Primary SchoolTBC
Elstow SchoolTBC
Evendons Primary SchoolEY481917
Floreat Montague Park Primary SchoolTBC
Forge Wood Primary SchoolTBC
George Street Primary SchoolTBC
George Mitchell Primary SchoolTBC
GEMS Twickenham Primary AcademyTBC
Goring Primary SchoolEY473465
Hawkes Farm AcademyTBC
Hawthorns Primary School TBC
Hayes Park SchoolTBC
Hemdean House SchoolEY548354
Henry Hinde Junior SchoolTBC
Highover JMI School & NurseryTBC
Hilltop First SchoolEY449138
Holy Trinity CE Primary SchoolTBC
Invicta Primary School (Blackheath)TBC
Invicta Primary School (Deptford)TBC
Iver Heath Junior SchoolTBC
John Hampden Primary School  EY543882
Katesgrove Primary SchoolTBC
Keep Hatch Primary School  TBC
Kings Court First SchoolTBC
King William Street Primary SchoolTBC
La Fontaine AcademyTBC
Lambs Lane Primary School  EY443769
Leehurst Swan SchoolTBC
Lordship Lane Primary SchoolTBC
Lyndhurst Primary SchoolTBC
Marnel Junior SchoolTBC
Meadow Vale Primary School TBC
Micklands Primary SchoolEY479174
Mile Oak Primary SchoolTBC
Nonsuch Primary SchoolTBC
Norbury SchoolTBC
Oakley Infant SchoolTBC
Orleans Primary SchoolTBC
Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary SchoolTBC
Pembury Primary SchoolTBC
Peter Gladwin Primary SchoolEY559746
Plumcroft Primary SchoolTBC
Portway Infant SchoolTBC
Preston Park Primary SchoolEY547118
Ravenstone Primary SchoolEY549850
Reach AcademyTBC
Reedings Junior SchoolEY536914
Riverview C of E Primary SchoolTBC
Sacred Heart Primary SchoolTBC
Sancton Wood SchoolEY558157
Sheringdale Primary SchoolEY551446
Shinfield Infant & Junior SchoolsEY469017
Southern Road Primary SchoolTBC
Southwark Park Primary SchoolTBC
Springbank Primary AcademyEY557839
St Anthony's Catholic Primary SchoolTBC
St Christopher's AcademyTBC
St Crispin's Leisure CentreTBC
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary SchoolEY558459
St Finian's Catholic Primary School EY536706
St John's CE Primary SchoolTBC
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Covent Garden)EY557340
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Redhill)TBC
St Luke's Primary SchoolEY499181
St Mary's C of E SchoolEY493117
St Mary's Independent SchoolTBC
St Michael's C of E Primary SchoolTBC
St Nicolas' CE Primary School (Abingdon)EY553606
St Nicolas' C of E Infant School (Guildford)EY559956
St Patrick's Catholic Primary SchoolTBC
St Paul's CE Junior & Walter Infant SchoolEY453450
St Stephen's CE Primary SchoolTBC
St Werburgh's Primary School EY536411
Templewood School  EY544131
The Coombes CE Primary SchoolTBC
The Crescent Primary SchoolTBC
The Gatwick SchoolTBC
The Heights Primary SchoolEY481748
The Hill Primary SchoolEY477566
The Orchard Primary SchoolTBC
The Pines SchoolTBC
The Wroxham SchoolTBC
Tudor Primary SchoolTBC
Tunbury Primary SchoolTBC
Twyford St Mary's Primary SchoolTBC
Uplands Primary SchoolEY538114
Waterfield Primary SchoolTBC
West Green Primary SchoolTBC
Wheatfield Primary School EY492385
Whiteheath Infant & Nursery School EY536229
Wildmoor Heath School EY469673
William Fletcher Primary SchoolEY548159
Willow Bank Primary SchoolEY477574
Windermere Primary School  EY545538
Windmill Primary SchoolEY546896
Windrush Primary SchoolEY536231
Winnersh Primary SchoolEY453449
Wyke Primary SchoolEY490413