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Card Payments

One Off Payment

You can choose to pay the full amount at time of booking using a debit or credit card by following the instructions given by the system.


If your booking is over a period of two months or more, you will have an option to pay by card instalments. There will be an initial payment for each activity booked at time of booking. You will be presented with a schedule of payments and you can change the payment day using the dropdown. This may recalculate the payments so please check. Payments will then be scheduled to automatically come from your card on the days stated.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for your activities. If paying for a period of time, please enter the full amount you will be paying across the whole booking. If there is a shortfall in the balance,  you can pay any additional amount by a one off card payment or card instalments if applicable.

Voucher Provider Unique Reference Number (URN) Website
Allsave Please register via AllSave
Busy Bees *
Care 4 See Below Table
Childcare Plus *
Computershare 0015865402
Co-op 85104714
Childcare Voucher Solutions *
Edenred See Below Table
Fair Care EKID0202
Fideliti See Below Table
Gemellli EN1514
Kiddivouchers *
Kids Unlimited 00465054
RG Childcare 51155902380
Sodexo 815700
The Salary Exchange *

* If there is no URN, please use the setting Ofsted number found on our website, head office postcode (RG41 2FD) or the clubs postcode. If this search doesn’t work, please contact Energy Kidz head office on 0333 577 1533.

Name of Club Care 4 Edenred Fideliti
Alfred Sutton 43292531 P20971813 ALF002C
All Saints 91695724 P21063487 ENE023C
All Saints RG40 33466687 P20971872 Ene016C
Brill 43748646 P21013671 ENE024C
Castle Hill 09695707 P21070698 ENE034C
Charvil 45750065 P20971848 CHA268C
Cookham Rise 18244233 P20971856 COO057C
Coombes 73355729 P20789573 ENE009C
Evendons 73134906 P20971830 ENE020C
Harmans Water 18208992 P21063495 ENE027C
Hawthorns  78998168 P20832924 ENE012C
Hilltop 03896418 P20789466 ENE002C
Hughenden 74383309 P21012649 ENE026C
Keep Hatch 36282246 P20832916 ENE014C
Lamb’s Lane 91711913 P20789522 ENE006C
Meadow Vale 88357868 P21012962 ENE028C
Micklands 10416036 P20971904 MIC266C
Norwood 18143239 P20988539 ENE018C
Piggott 22830606 P20789549 ENE005C
Reedings 68605431 P21070621 ENE035C
Shinfield 52653400 P20617532 ENE013C
St Finians 45649749 P21070647 ENE036C
St Luke’s 50587446 P21070655 ENE037C
St Mary’s 69632217 P21012690 ENE029C
St Michaels 45420578 pending ENE038C
St Nicolas’ 52185331 P21000660 ENE030C
St Pauls 03848702 P20617532 ENE001C
The Heights 59280862 P20971912 ENE031C
The Hill 02708750 P20897194 THE908C
Uplands 46781293 P21070811 ENE039C
Wheatfield 25428780 P21012713 ENE040C
Wildmoor Heath 62241306 P20971947 ENE032C
WillowBank 69679913 P20897325 WIL128C
Winnersh 86769043 P20789590 ENE004C
Wyke 41393486 P20977143 ENE033C
Windrush 54196708 P21070853 ENE041C
WormHolt 26244377 P21070861 ENE042C
GEMS Twickenham 81704188 P21070870 ENE043C
Whiteheath 57093399 P21071281 ENE044C
Crowmarsh 84871388 P21070888 ENE045C
Goring 77367976 P20864051 ENE015C
GEMS Didcot 41252132 P21070896 ENE047C
St Bede’s 18409175 P21012665 ENE048C
Templewood TBC P21111665 TBC


If your setting name isn’t included above or a reference code is not included for the voucher company you require, please contact Energy Kidz via [email protected]

Tax Free Childcare

Before you pay for the first time using Tax Free Childcare, please email [email protected] with your reference number so we can link the payments to your account.

Setting name ID Number
Alfred Sutton 50003370097
All Saints – Wokingham 50003413071
All Saints SL6 50003995224
Brill  TBC
Campsbourne N8  TBC
Castle Hill RG23 50003398382
Charvil Piggott 50003379396
Cookham Rise 50003991075
Coombes  TBC
Crescent Eastleigh  TBC
Crowmarsh Gifford 50003219712
Evendons  TBC
Gems Didcot OX11  TBC
Gems Twickenham Tw2 50003736873
Goring  TBC
Great Oaks SO16  TBC
Harmans Water 50003384853
Hawthorns 50003415864
Hawthorns BC & HC Received
Hilltop 50003985024
Holy Family 50002632152
Hughenden  TBC
John Hampden OX9  TBC
Keep Hatch  TBC
Lambs Lane  TBC
Meadow Vale  TBC
Micklands 50003364216
Piggott 50003380750
Reedings CM21 50002004763
Send  TBC
Shinfield  TBC
St Anthony’s Po14 50003324214
St Catherines  TBC
St Finians RG18 50003390233
St Lukes E14  TBC
St Marys Aylesbury 50002517345
St Michaels SG3 50003948978
St Nicolas 50003992152
St Pauls  TBC
St Werburghs Bs2 50001858424
Templewood AL8  TBC
The Heights 50003364305
The Hill  TBC
Thomson House SW14  TBC
Uplands PO16 50003327604
Wheatfield 50003416445
Whiteheath Ha4 50002454440
Wildmoor Heath 50003421163
Willowbank 50003368637
Windermere AL1  TBC
Windrush Se7 50003877124
Winnersh 50003415236
Wormholt Park W12 50003772217
Wyke 50002388243