National Growing for Wellbeing Week

National Growing for Wellbeing week celebrates the many benefits that growing produce can have on your physical and mental wellbeing. Strong evidence highlights the benefits of gardening on mental health; these include improved confidence, concentration and self-belief, improved mental and physical health, opportunities to communicate and connect with others, and the chance to acquire a… Read more »

Jellyfish Breathing Buddy

With this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week being Loneliness, we want to ensure that our families and children get talking. That’s why, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ll be delivering a range of feel-good activities at our Wraparound Care Clubs with a focus on building relationships and sharing our feelings. Supporting Mental Health… Read more »

How to Get into a Healthy Exercise Routine

We should all be trying to move our bodies at every opportunity we get. It doesn’t matter for long for – the main thing is that you gradually build a little more activity into your day. Three 10-minute sessions of exercise produce the same results as one 30-minute one. Choose an activity and do it… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Your Supermarket Vouchers

Families whose children are eligible to free school meals are able to claim a £15 supermarket voucher for each week that their child is off for school holidays. So, how can you make the most of this limited budget? We have put together a sample shopping list with prices taken from a mid-range supermarket and… Read more »

The Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition for children is based on the same core principles as nutrition for adults. The key to proper nutrition is a healthy and appropriate balance of diet and exercise that complements a healthy lifestyle. The five main food groups include grains, dairy, protein, vegetables, and fruit, and are generally a good starting point for any… Read more »

Changing Habits: Becoming Fitter & Healthier

The reason why some people succeed and others don’t is less to do with talent or luck and more to do with how a person thinks. Making an effort to build more activity into your daily life might seem like hard work, but, it is easier than you think. If you believe you can, you… Read more »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When Action on Sugar analysed 126 kinds of cereal, 92% of cereals marketed toward children still contain high or medium levels of sugar and more than one in two kinds of cereal are at least medium in salt, with Malt O Meal Marshmallow Mateys containing 0.5g per serve – equivalent to eating 1 ½ bags… Read more »

The Importance of Teaching Children about Sustainability

Teaching our children about sustainability enables them to respect and appreciate their natural environment. At Energy Kidz, we pride ourselves in preparing our children for a world that is yet to be imagined and it’s important to us that we teach the children within our care to look after that world. By educating children about… Read more »

The Science of Play

As we celebrate British Science Week and get fully immersed in the WHIZZ, POP & BANG of all our fun-packed activities which we’ve lined up, we took a moment to think about the science of play. All too often the value of play is overlooked and some don’t recognise how fundamental it is to our… Read more »

Starting the Conversation: Gender Equality

The early years of a child’s life are imperative to learning and development. These are the years that children develop their fine, motor, gross and cognitive skills, but it’s also where they develop their identity: who they are, what they believe in and the morals they live by. These are all shaped by the environment… Read more »