Gender Pay Gap Report

For the difference in mean & median hourly rates and bonus pay:

A positive percentage figure would reveal that men, on average, are paid more than women.

A negative percentage figure would indicate that women, on average, are paid more than men.

A zero percentage figure would indicate there is no gap between men and women’s average pay or bonuses overall.


Our gender pay gap report shows that currently, on average, our female employees are paid slightly more than our male employees.

Hourly rate

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay -2.4%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay 0 %


Bonus pay

Male Female
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 1.3 % 2.1 %
Difference in mean bonus pay -106.2 %
Difference in median bonus pay 0 %


Employees by pay quartile

Male Female
Upper quartile 16.7 % 83.3 %
Upper middle quartile 5.6 % 94.4 %
Lower middle quartile 13.9 % 86.1 %
Lower quartile 26.4 % 73.6 %