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Here for you throughout lockdown and beyond…

The health and wellbeing of children has never been more important than now. Energy Kidz are determined to continue having a positive impact on children’s lives as our action packed services remain available to families throughout the impending lockdown and beyond.

As the UK’s Trusted Provider throughout the pandemic and with many facilities such as sports clubs, leisure centres and other extra-curricular clubs becoming unavailable, we are determined to continue supporting children with safe spaces to enjoy an engaging environment that provides opportunities for valuable social interactions and fun packed activities to be enjoyed with friends in a club setting.

Autumn Term Bookings

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We are working with each school individually to ensure we are aligned to the specific school requirements, adaptations, and facilities available, to continue to provide safe, fun clubs for your children. You can read our new Safe Practice Guidance which will be in operation across all our Term Time Clubs by clicking here.

As a Trusted Provider during COVID-19, our Safe Practice Guide in accordance the latest government guidance has continued to be successfully integrated across all club operations. As the new Academic Year approaches, we have developed our Term Time Safe Practice Guide as well as our Term Time Parent FAQ Guide which answers the common questions that we have received from parents and outlines how we are successfully integrating the new guidelines to ensure an Energy Kidz Breakfast & After School Club is an engaging Safe Space for all this September…

Breakfast & After School Club Session Information

Safe Practice

While Early Years and childcare guidance does not require us to operate the same bubbles as the school – we are working with each individual school requirements in regard to their preference with regards to active bubble practice at their individual school. Whether this is through separate Year Groups, Key Stages or Segregated Areas, we will implement the desired bubble strategy within our activity areas. All bubble practice will adhere to the current Early Years and Childcare COVID-19 requirements with each group size limited where required (no bubble will be greater than 30 children).

Breakfast Club

Children get dropped off by parents any time from the start of the session.  This is typically 7:30am but please refer to the times of your particular club. To reduce the interaction, parents/guardians will not be required to drop off or collect inside the school – where possible our teams will collect from school gate or designated drop off/collection area specific to each school.

At the end of the session Key Stage 2 children are released to make their own way to their classes, while Key Stage 1 children are escorted to their class teacher or a designated drop off point.

After School Club

Key Stage 1 children are collected or dropped to a designated meeting point while Key Stage 2 make their own way to the club.

Children are able to go outside as soon as possible each day (normally once everyone is registered and the playground has cleared).  Children are able to flow between the indoor and outdoor area.  Children can freely play outside, taking advantage of the school facilities including adventure play areas where they are available.  There is also equipment such as skipping ropes and sports equipment, as well as go karts and scooters at some clubs too.

In line with our Safe Practice Guidance – We will continue to use outdoor activities as much as possible and schools have provided us with extra space to accommodate the bubble requirements where required, enabling us to restrict some equipment for specific groups, in addition we have increased our cleaning requirements with daily checklists and products.

Parents can pick up at any time up until 6pm.  All children must be signed out by an adult over 16 who is named on that child’s registration form.

Food and Snack

A snack is available for children on a rolling snack basis so children can decide when to eat. Healthy Eating Guidelines are followed and includes wraps or sandwiches with cheese or meat, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt. In small clubs all the children sit down together for a social snack. Food will also be available for children who arrive later (after attending an extra curricular club).

**Please note: all Energy Kidz Clubs are nut-free zones.**

NEW Menu & Safe Snack Setup

We will be changing our menu and supplies to ensure we continue to provide each child with nutritious breakfast and lite bite but reducing and minimising children having to make contact with the food. We have adapted our food preparation and menu, all food preparation is in line with Health & Hygiene requirements. In our larger clubs we will be staggering snack times within each respective bubble.


Items includes items such as; a selection of Cereals, Toast, Crumpets, Milk, Water and Fruit.

After School Club: available everyday:

  • Bread/toast/spread/marmite/cheese spread/water

After School Club: available each day but on a rotation:

  • Wraps, bagels, pitta bread, crumpets, or english muffins
  • Cheese, ham, tuna mayo, chicken
  • Minimum of 2 vegetables daily.
  • Minimum of 2 fruits daily
  • Fruit loaf, frube, malt loaf

Important Information & FAQs

Important Reminders:

  • The online registration form must be completed before your child’s first day.
  • The club mobile is only for emergency contact and operated in club time. Please contact the office for bookings or general queries.
  • Please label all clothing and items being brought to the club.
  • Suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities is required: sun hats & sun cream during warmer days, or warm clothing & a waterproof when the weather is cooler or more variable.
  • We suggest packing spare clothes that you don’t mind getting messy due to our outdoor play philosophy and art & craft activities.
  • Please inform the office and club of any medical or contact detail updates if anything changes.
  • If your child is attending an extra curricular club, please inform Head Office of this.

FAQS: Click here to find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.