The Energy Kidz Festive Charity Cycle

The Challenge

Energy Kidz is providing you with the opportunity to give a little to make a big impact this Christmas. The Energy Kidz Festive Charity Cycle will be raising funds for Action for Children this Christmas and will be taking place over the month of December where our Head Office Team, Club Staff, Parents and Children will be aiming to cycle the distance between our most southern-based club in Bournemouth to our most northern-based club in Stockport – with a few stops along the way!

Start Date: Monday 2nd December 2019

End Date: Friday 20th December 2019

The cycle will amount to 300 miles with the cycling taking place on a spin bike based at head office. Parents, Children and Club Staff are able to contribute their mileage by sending in their miles they complete with personal bike rides across the month.

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Our aim is to raise £1250 for this fantastic organisation to aid underprivileged children over the festive period.

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Action for Children

Action for Children protect and support children and young people, providing practical and emotional care and support, ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives. Energy Kidz have chosen to raise money for Action for Children as part of their Be a Secret Santa campaign with the aim of reaching £1250 for the cause.

Inspired by this campaign, we will be volunteering all of our staff members as Secret Santa’s this Christmas by providing a donation per staff member to Action for Children – this will amount to over 600 Secret Santa’s in total! The campaign could help pay for children to have a hot meal, buy clothing to keep them warm or even give them a safe place to sleep. They won’t know who it was that made the donation but you’ll know that you’ve made another child’s Christmas that little bit brighter.

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Challenge Complete!

After three weeks of hard work, determination and festive spirit, The Energy Kidz Festive Charity Cycle in aid of Action for Children is complete! All the money we raised contributed towards Action for Children’s Be a Secret Santa campaign and we smashed our £1250 target, raising a grand total of £1650!

Thank you to all of those who took part in The Energy Kidz Festive Charity Cycle. We had lots of fun and are delighted we were able to support such a fantastic cause this Christmas!

Take a look at our video below to see our Head Office team in action across the journey!

Our Journey

Cycle Safety

Cycling is a fun and healthy way for your child to get around, but there are dangers to be aware of. By setting a good example and making sure your child is trained and has the right clothing and equipment, you can help keep them safe.The best way to help your child learn about road safety is to always set a good example yourself. When you’re cycling with your child you should:


  • Wear a cycle helmet
  • Obey traffic signs, be considerate of other road users and not let yourself be distracted by using a mobile phone or listening to music
  • Encourage them to notice and discuss what they see around them on the road
  • Make sure they know that when they’re on the road they need to concentrate and watch out for other road users all the time
  • Encourage them to take their own decisions – they shouldn’t blindly follow what others are doing without making their own checks first
  • Practice judging speed and distance with them
  • Help them work out the safest routes for the journeys they make


Powered by The Gym Group

To help us tackle this challenge, we would like to give thanks to our friends at The Gym Group who will be providing the top of the range spin equipment required to track our progress. You can find more information on the services they offer at:

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