Energy Kidz at Home

Energy Kidz at Home!

At Energy Kidz, we understand that in the uncertain climate concerning COVID-19, families may not be able to attend our fun packed Breakfast & After School Clubs as usual.

To counteract this, we are bringing the Energy Kidz clubs to you!

Take part in our featured activity at home! Whether you’re a regular parent who is now working at home, in self-isolation or just can’t get enough of our service at your school, we give you the option to take our fun-packed activities home with you.

Featured Activities

Take part in our featured activities, including:

7 Min HIIT Workout

Resources: Open indoor or outdoor space, Printable Cards, An interval timer, Water bottles, Speaker, Music,  Kids yoga mat -Optional

Full Activity Guide Available Here!

Homemade Muesli Bars

Resources: Oven, Baking tray, Mixing bowl, Wooden spoon, Saucepan, Baking paper

Click Here for your tasty recipe!

Sock Puppet Snakes

Resources: Felt/coloured paper, googly eyes, glue, old socks

How to: Attach felt and googly eyes to your old socks using glue

Top Trumps

Resources: Printer, paper, colouring pencils, pens, scissors

How to: Print our Top Trumps template. Design your Top Trumps and cut them out using scissors. Compete with your family at home!

Sticky Note Message

Resources: Sticky notes, pen, paper

How to: Write a secret message on a piece of paper leaving out some letters of the message. Write the hidden letters on separate sticky notes and hide these around the house. Instruct your child to find the sticky notes and use them to uncover the hidden message

Comic Books

Resources: Printer, paper, colouring pencils, pen, stapler, staples

How to: Print our Comic Books strip template. Design your comic book and attach pages together using a stapler (don’t forget to design an awesome front cover, too!)

All About Me Poster

Resources: Printer, paper, colouring pencils, pen, blu-tac

How to: Print our All About Me Poster template. Fill in your poster and attach to your bedroom wall or door.

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