Monthly Archives: January 2022

Parents Mental Health Day

Throughout the pandemic, as parents and carers, we have had to adapt to change quickly, and with little warning. Some have had to work from home, whilst also homeschooling and some have brought children into a very different world, yet have been expected to always be in control. Even before the pandemic, parents/carers often put… Read more »

New Year, New reflection activity for the whole family!

“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.” (Lao Tzu) At the start of the New Year, we often take time to make resolutions and reflect on the previous year – with that being said, can you make it your resolution this year to develop not only yours but your children’s self-reflection skills? Did… Read more »

How to Set Goals with Children

Goal setting for children and adults alike is an excellent skill to develop and helps to give us a sense of purpose. Goal setting with children also helps them improve their confidence and build their self-esteem. As industry leaders, we want every child within our clubs to succeed in life, be effective problem solvers and… Read more »