Warmer weather benefits Outdoor Play

Summer Outdoor Play Precautions/Safety

As the Summer Term begins, so does the excitement to escape the classroom and get out in the sunshine!

At Energy Kidz, we aim to stimulate this appetite for adventure and encourage children to take part in outdoor play all year round. During the warmer months, parents are reminded to send along appropriate clothing and sun protection to our clubs in preparation for our outdoor activity. Plenty of water is provided and children are made aware of shaded areas to cool off in the heat. These precautions are made to advocate a fun and safe environment for children to express their play.

Health & Outdoor Space

One of the many benefits of outdoor play in the Summer is undoubtedly the ability to play out in the wide, open spaces with different areas to explore. During the Winter, we find a lot of our club’s facilities are limited due to the poorer weather conditions and, therefore, children are often restricted in their play. The warmer climate allows us to open further opportunities for play as schools start to reopen adventure playgrounds, nature trails and field areas. These areas help children come away from the confinement of indoor play and help tap into higher levels of creativity and imagination.

Summer Nature

Creativity and imagination is further enhanced as nature takes its course bringing along enchanting sights and sounds that provide a number of opportunities to explore. Some of the children’s favourites include:

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – Children are provided with scavenger hunt cards and magnifying glasses to delve into the natural world and make intriguing discoveries!
  • Nest & Bird Feeder Building – Our clubs also enjoy showcasing their construction skills with this great Summer activity. The children are advised to think about who the nest is for, is it safe, what resources would work best, what food do animals eat…
  • Solar Experiments – Science experiments are a fun way for children to learn about renewable energy sources. Our homemade Solar Panel Ovens are great for children to learn about solar energy and enjoy a tasty snack!

Return of Aqua Kidz!

The Summer term also allows us to welcome back one of our most popular activities as our clubs reintroduce Aqua Kidz. This is mostly present in our Holiday Clubs where we aim to have at least one Aqua Kidz activity per week. Our clubs are supplied with paddling pools, aquaslides, water balloons and sponges to help them cool off in the heat. Our enthusiastic playworkers use these resources to provide favourites such as, Drip, Drip, Soak, Water Balloon Rounders, Fireman’s Relay and our coveted Soak the Staff Activity.