Unexpected Closures

This is the time of year when we have the most unexpected closures, often due to the weather. Other reasons for unexpected closures we have come across are no water to a school or lack of heating.

We pride ourselves on always staffing our clubs and always being able to cover any staff shortages, therefore, we are always open unless the school is closed during term time or if it unsafe to run the club for whatever reason.

As we offer parents reliable childcare, we will always endeavour to deliver the service especially during the school holidays when schools may be having additional works onsite. To illustrate this, in the past we have supplied bottled water, installed temporary fencing to keep children safe and have had Portaloos delivered when toilets have been out of action.

Obviously at some point we may decide it is in the best interests of both the children and the school to not open during a holiday. In these instances, we would have a planned closure. This is usually to give the school free access to all areas and to help speed up any works that are required. We appreciate that school building works can be delayed or extended so we always work closely with schools to minimise any disruption for parents and will contact schools to confirm holiday opening dates on a regular basis.

It is always helpful if I am added to the school’s emergency distribution list or their Parentmail so I am informed as early as possible of any disruption, especially if we are running a breakfast club at a school. We can then let our staff and parents know in good time.

The relationship we have with schools is vital in many ways and notification of closures is only one. Our aim is to be part of the school community and work with schools to offer parents a reliable quality service by providing the best out of school childcare for their children.