Time for Celebrations

At Energy Kidz we are proud of the inclusive practices that we provide. Across the year, we ensure we focus on celebrating festivals and customs for all the children and families attending our clubs. This allows us to bring a fun element into our clubs and follow a number of traditions.

Celebrating Christmas

December signals the start of the festive period where the children’s excitement for the magic of Christmas can be felt across all our clubs. We encourage the clubs to become hives of activity and parental interaction, as children express their sense of anticipation through arts and crafts activities, stories and tales, and role play. Through this we attempt to get across the overriding message of Christmas which includes being together, cherishing the love of family and friends, and celebrating belonging. Below recognises our Christmas Elf, Peppermint, who will be visiting as many clubs as possible this festive period. He will be keeping a diary of his adventures at Energy Kidz which will be available to the clubs in the New Year…

Festivals and Traditions from Around the World

Celebrating the many festivals, traditions and religious events from around the world is very important across all our clubs. The children attending Energy Kidz enjoy sharing their customs with each other and it is important for us to recognise the cultures and traditions which are important in our families’ lives.

Over the past term some of our activities have revolved around Eid-al-adha (right), Diwali, Guy Fawkes and Thanksgiving with plans for Hanukkah and the New Year to come.

We encourage children to think of others who celebrate and have a similar culture to themselves whilst also appreciating an understanding and interest in those with differing beliefs. By sharing these celebrations, we ensure children are offered the opportunity to experience a wide range of traditions and benefit from developing a mutual understanding, tolerance and respect for others regardless of their background.

By ensuring we are diverse with our celebrations and customs, we aim to help develop the children’s self-confidence, awareness and respect for others’ beliefs.