Key Transitions

Energy Kidz understands the role as partners with host schools in ensuring children are supported through their transitions of the Key Stages. Our clubs attempt to ease any apprehension that any of the children may have by supporting them emotionally, improving confidence and introducing elements of structure to facilitate a smooth transition through each school year.

The move from Reception to Year 1 is a key transition in a child’s education and we aim to support the child and school through this by taking time to alleviate any concerns each individual child may have. Our staff will talk openly with parents and look to implement any required interventions to facilitate a smooth transition.

Further to this, our club ethos allow children of all ages to mix and play together which bridges a largely perceived gap between the year groups. We will often encourage our Year 1 children to buddy up with our Reception children thus building their confidence to socialise as a ‘soon to be’ KS1 child. Additionally, our staff will also attempt to introduce a small amount of structure to their time in our clubs. This is especially prominent in our Holiday Clubs where we have scheduled activities, but also comes into play in our Term Time Clubs where registration takes place as soon as the children arrive and snack times become routine each day. This aims to prepare the children who are moving to Year 1, as they start to pull away from learning through play and begin a full school timetable with structured lessons.

Equally important are the transitions from KS1 to KS2 and KS2 to KS3. Although we find many are excited by moving into a new chapter of their school life, our aim is to prepare children for the added responsibilities of becoming a more senior representative of the school. Again, working closely with the parents and schools, our staff will help to put in place any required procedures to promote a smooth transition.

In conjunction with this, we will look to carry out our own measures which include encouraging independence which becomes more important as children move through the Key Stages. Our staff encourage the older children to take on extra responsibilities such as, helping make club rule procedures, taking the lead on group tasks and becoming role models by aiding younger members of the group.

Children who will be moving to secondary school are further encouraged to become more independent learners in order to prepare them for Year 7. The staff will look to initiate stimulating conversations and discussions surrounding topical news and events to encourage listening, reflection and expression of the individual, allowing them to see things from a range of perspectives.