End of Year Review

I am Andrew Norton, Owner and Director of Energy Kidz. To say I am proud of what we have achieved at Energy Kidz is a huge understatement. I am delighted to be regarded as the leading provider of high quality wraparound childcare in the UK. We have a strong ethos of ‘think big, act small’ which has enabled us to offer localised support over a large geographical area whilst maintaining our personalised and individualised services. As the school year draws to a close, we are signing off our monthly sharing best practice articles for this academic year with a round up and summary of our journey.

This year, Energy Kidz has continued to grow and will be operating at over 100 schools from September onwards. Throughout our journey, the business has strived to improve and constantly evolve to ensure we remain the leading provider of the highest quality wraparound childcare. This has been achieved through consistently and continuously standardising, monitoring, managing and improving our daily operations, training and practice.

We have further developed our monitoring system by improving our hiring programme which streamlines and improves the candidate process while maintaining our safer recruitment practices. We have also implemented a new complaints, issues and injury management system which gives a clear overview of the whole business and individual clubs, allowing us to monitor the resolutions while identifying trends and areas where we need to make any company-wide changes.

In addition to this, we have revised and strengthened the structure of our Operations Team who support our clubs. Not only have we increased the local area managers from term time only (39 weeks) contracts, to all year round (52 weeks), we are also in the process of making these roles full time positions when they are operating to the full quota of 6 clubs. This will make a huge difference as we will be running training sessions during the school holidays to help standardise best practise through upskilling our current and new club teams. We have also introduced a new Training Specialist to the Operations Team who has immediately looked to reinforce staff inductions, policies and procedures, prevent and safeguarding training with a new process which has a direct link to our HR system.

Another new position this year saw the introduction of a Quality Assurance Specialist who reports directly to the Head of the company, Craig Jones. This role has made an instant impact to provisions as the specialist visits each club performing an unannounced Ofsted style inspection that is purely based on what is seen in practise on the day. These inspections are followed up by an in-depth development plan with clear action points for the club to implement with the support of their local area manager. These will be checked with a second visit thereafter.

Overall, our emphasis this year has been focussed on establishing deeper accountability, improving quality audits and checks, compliant conformations and assurances and ultimately, having a clear view of all our clubs on an individual level. The individuality of each club can then be viewed and learnt from to make any beneficial company-wide changes.

We are going to be raising awareness of our continued improvement promise over the coming weeks to all levels of Energy Kidz, where suggestions of further enhancements can be made by all members of the business. We believe that if you stand still, you get left behind. You can be sure that Energy Kidz will continue to innovate, improve and develop in the new academic year.