Club Resources

Resources play a huge part in keeping our clubs interesting for the children, in fact we have a dedicated team focussing on this all year-round. Every new club has a starter pack as below which contains everything you would expect. We like to make sure every child has something to do whether it be constructing castles out of Lego and bricks, dressing up and pretending to be superheroes with each other, playing a twisted game of twister, or even sitting down in a den and reading a good book. We value the child’s voice and gather their views and opinions on what they like, their interests and on the current trends.

All resources and equipment used within our clubs is sought from reputable sources and leading UK manufacturers thus ensuring they are age appropriate and safe for the children. New items on the market or which we would like to launch across all our clubs are firstly trialed within a few selected clubs, where we then ask the children and staff for their feedback on the benefits of said items, durability and most importantly entertainment factor for the children from this we can access if the items are suitable for all our clubs and children.

Role Play Boxes

We have recently developed Role Play boxes, these include Post Office, Bakery, Camp site, Doctors and a Hairdressers. These are requested by the clubs who can use them for up to two weeks at a time. This enable us to send fresh new, exciting role play resources across all our clubs continuously. These are in the process of being enhanced further to include a shop, a vet, a takeaway and a pizza parlour to name but a few.

Weekly Themes

Both out term time and our holidays clubs are given a weekly theme and suggested activities to follow along with the required equipment. We recognise that all our clubs and children are individuals and so further resources and equipment can be requested by the clubs to meet their individual needs, ideas and interests. The club’s individuality is also evident through their interpretation of activities and the Themed week events. Take a look at a recent picture from our ‘Fun of the Fair’ Week. in May Half Term.