Booking Made Easy

A huge part of ensuring the smooth running of our clubs is our online booking system. We have invested heavily into making this user-friendly for both parents and staff.

Parent Benefits

One of the main benefits for parents is that they have control over their own password secure account. Before a child can attend any of our clubs, parents must to register an account on the system. This is an opportunity to outline all their child’s details including medical and dietary information, likes and dislikes, who can collect and any other pertinent information. We encourage parents to be as detailed as possible when completing this to enable us to provide the best possible care to meet each child’s individual needs. As this is a live system, parents are able to make any amendments to their account at any time by logging in and updating their details which means staff always have access to the most up to date information regarding any child.

Staff Benefits

Each of our clubs has an iPad with direct access to the online register for that club which enables staff to see who is attending that day. It also provides the staff with all the information that the parent has listed about their child, highlighting any dietary, medical or additional support required so staff can prepare accordingly. By having a live system, the information is always current. Each school also receives an emailed copy of the register twice a day for their own use.

Payment Options

Parents have the flexibility of being able to book for a whole school year or just one session, subject to availability. Bookings can be made by parents until the start of each session and after this time either Customer Care at Head Office or the onsite staff can make a booking on a parent’s behalf. We offer monthly payment plans for bulk bookings which helps parents spread the cost of childcare and allows the security of consistency for the child as they settle into a comfortable day to day routine. Our system also allows parents to pay in a variety of ways; Childcare Vouchers, Tax Free Childcare Scheme, monthly card instalments or by one-off card payment. We feel our service has developed significantly since the introduction of this booking system by freeing us from endless paperwork and therefore allowing us to focus on providing the best care for the children safe in the knowledge that we always have the most up to date information from the parents.