Meet the Head Office Team

Meet the Head Office Team

The Energy Kidz Head Office team are always on hand and happy to help with any customer queries. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that all children, families and schools are provided with the best possible service and ensure our club staff have everything they need to deliver successful and inspiring childcare sessions.

Based in a large office in Wokingham, Berkshire, Energy Kidz has a network of employees across the country to enable the delivery of our services at a local level.

All employees, whether working at Head Office or further afield, are DBS checked to an enhanced level.

Curvepoint Group Managing Director

Andrew Norton created Energy Kidz in 2009 when he noticed there was a lack of quality wraparound childcare and sports clubs for families and schools to access. As Energy Kidz grew he recognised that to ensure Energy Kidz was always offering the best service he needed to invest in developing and training new and existing staff.

This led to the creation of Reach4Skills who, as well as continuing to train in-house, now offer a wide range of training opportunities, both accredited and workshop based, to external providers.

Andrew also decided to move the sports side of the business to a new company Achieve Sports who, whilst still delivering sports in schools and running holiday sports clubs, also organise and run adult sports leagues.

All three companies are now part of the Curvepoint Group which is solely owned by Andrew to offer the distinct strands of childcare, training and sport.

Andrew is always happy to hear from any customer or client of The CurvePoint Group and can be reached via [email protected]

Head of Energy Kidz

Tina Frenett has worked with Andrew throughout the development of Energy Kidz, firstly as an adviser with Wokingham Borough Council and then as a colleague.

Tina has a substantial background in childcare and playwork and has studied to Masters Level to ensure that all that Energy Kidz delivers is based on sound up to date knowledge. This includes providing the best experience for the children and their families, advising and training staff and ensuring all Ofsted, safeguarding and other statutory requirements are met.

Tina is involved in all aspects of the day to day running of Energy Kidz and would love to hear from you on [email protected]

Operations Team

The Operations team support the clubs on a day to day basis. The team is split into the term time clubs – breakfast and after school – and the holiday clubs.

Term Time

The term time clubs are supported by Local Area Managers who care for no more than five clubs. This gives them the ability to be proactive in ensuring the clubs have highly trained staff who can offer the best service and that the clubs are meeting all our quality checks. They are responsible for ensuring the clubs run smoothly and being local means they can react quickly if support is needed.

In turn the Local Area Managers are supported by their Regional Manager who ensures consistency is kept across all clubs and provides information, advice and support to raise standards and keeps all the Local Area Managers up to date with any changes to regulations or practice.

Holiday Clubs

Our Head Office Holiday Club team work tirelessly to make every child’s experience at one of our clubs unforgettable. They are continually looking for new ideas and activities to entertain the children.

They train all new staff and it is a requirement of existing staff to attend a refresher training at least once a year. All training covers how to deliver activities, networking and updates to safeguarding and changes in regulations.

Each club is allocated an Area Manager who completes a Quality Assurance check every week of the holidays to ensure our high standards are always met.

Development Team

The Development team work to improve all our systems and ways of working to give the club staff as much freedom as possible so they can concentrate on the important job of caring for the children and not be bogged down with administrative tasks.


The Operations team have their own dedicated recruiter who is continually looking for suitable enthusiastic playworkers to join their team. All staff involved in the recruitment process are trained in Safer Recruitment.

Customer Care Team

The Customer Care team are the first port of call for most enquiries. The team is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The team work closely with parents and schools to the best possible service and between them have a vast knowledge of how the business runs and can signpost all customers to the relevant department when necessary.

Customer Care can guide parents through the registration process, liaise with childcare voucher companies, take bookings and raise invoices. They work with schools to produce the daily registers and are on hand if parents need to be contacted for any reason.

Business Development Team

The Business Development team look to expand the business in either existing or new areas of the country. The Commercial Manager leads a team of Business Development Advisers who will work with new business partners to produce the best service for their particular school. This could be a full year round service or just term time or holiday time. We can provide a new service where there has not been a club before or we can take over the management of an existing service.

The Business Development team will be able to guide you through the whole process from initial contact, surveying parents if applicable and providing tailored marketing materials to registering with Ofsted and ensuring the club is a success once opened. They will then be available for regular reviews of the service delivery.


Energy Kidz has its own dedicated Marketing Co-ordinator from within the Curvepoint Group shared marketing service. The Marketing Co-ordinator works with the Energy Kidz departments to provide marketing materials to promote our services tailored to specific sites and events.

Further Support

There is further support for Energy Kidz from the shared services managed by the Curvepoint Group. These include Finance, Human Resources and Project Management. Each team may be in contact with any customer or partner when relevant.